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One of parents' most important jobs is helping children develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.  When children feel good about themselves, they learn more.  They face challenges with confidence.  Here are some ways to help build your child's self-esteem: 


1.  Tell your child you will always love him.  Children need to know they are loved, even when they fail. 

2.  Give your child responsibilities she can handle.  Completing a task on her own will give her a sense of accomplishment and contribution. 

3.  Help your child develop a sense of trust.  Show that you believe in him by giving him opportunities to be trustworthy. 

4.  Allow your child to make choices.  For example, you might pick out two outfits and let her choose one. 

5.  Praise your child often--but only when it is deserved.  Praise teaches children to do their best.  False praise teaches doing just enough to get by. 

6.  Teach your child the importance of taking responsibility for his own actions/words.  Blaming others and finding excuses keeps a child from learning from his mistakes.  Taking responsibility helps children gain the confidence needed to examine what part they have in a given situation, and how their words/actions affect the outcome.

7.  Model the behaviors you want to see in your child.  You are her hero, and she will learn best by watching you.  Your words/actions will one day become hers, and she can trust your words if they match what you do. 

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